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Andy House Body Repairs is equipped with car lifts, an extra-long truck lift, spray room and oven, with an expert mechanic and bodywork team to handle all kinds of body and engine repairs and maintenance.

MOTs & Annual Servicing

Get your annual MOT and service in Liphook at Andy House Body Repairs.

Keeping your car and engine in good working condition is about staying ahead of issues and routine maintenance.

We offer oil and filter changes and can change your air and fuel filters. Doign these things every year is really important for your car.

Once in awhile it’s important to change things like your cambelt as they get worn over time. We can also help with wheel bearing replacements and the like.


Specialist Fibre Glass Repairs

We repair and restore fibreglass body work.

We have an extensive portfolio of TVR restorations for you to look at. Please see our restorations page for more details

Body Repairs

With a fully equipped spray room and oven, Andy House Body Repairs can handle all your body damage and respray needs.

Insurance repairs

Had a ding or more than just a ding? We can work with your insurance company to help rebuild or repair your vehicle and get you back on the road

Air Conditioning repairs and servicing

Air conditioning systems occasionally begin to leak. We can help you fix those leaks, as well as top up the freon levels to keep it working well.

Welding Repairs

Repairing chassis and body damage we can weld all metals.

Clutch and gearbox repairs

Clutches and gearboxes are as important as your engine. They are what link your engine with your wheels and the road.

With time they wear down and sometimes need adjusting or replacing. Whether it’s a full rebuild you are after or just a replacement clutch, we can help you keep your car in good working order.

Brake replacements and adjustments

Brakes are an essential part of your car and keeping on top of replacing brake pads, as well as adjusting drum brakes to keep them in working order, is an important part of car maintenance.

Diagnostics checks

Modern cars have computers in them that help us understand what is wrong with your engine.

If you have a warning light on your dashboard then that means you need to address an issue. Give us a ring to book an appointment and we will help you understand what the problem is.

Suspension repairs and servicing

Suspension can become less springy over time. We can help to repair your front and rear suspension, as well as help you fit things like airbags to make your vehicle handle better.

We work on all kinds of light and commercial vehicles but not on HGV.

How to find us or get in touch

38 Longmoor Rd,
Liphook GU30 7NY

01428 723748